History of Taiwan Online

(Last updated on 04/25/1999)
Benjamin Tsai got his first modem, 14400 Bps.
Taiwan Online became online with Wildcat! Test-Drive v2.
Taiwan Online got first dedicated line, 861-3420.
Taiwan Online ordered Wildcat! v4.01.
Taiwan Online finally recieved Wildcat! v4.01 with several delays.
Taiwan Online offically closed for summer vacation.
Taiwan Online offically opened and with a major hardware upgrade. From a 386 DX to an Pentium 133 Mhz.
Taiwan Online's door was finally up and running without any problems. This should be declared as international holiday.
Taiwan Online finally upgraded its 14400 Bps modem to a 28800 Bps modem.
Taiwan Online has added Node 2 (861-3350) to its system! Everyone! Cheer for Taiwan Online!
Taiwan Online registered its first game, TEOS(Don't ask how we registered LORD), thanks to Bernard Yen!
Taiwan Online now is offline for winter holiday but will be online two weeks later. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Taiwan Online's server has upgraded to Windows 95. This should improve system performance.
Taiwan Online has updated its BBS server from Wildcat! 4.01 to Wildcat! 4.12.
The two week maintainance period is over and Taiwan Online is back online.
Sandbar was register via a international phone call.
Yes! Auto-Switching is finally here(after a long delay on the telephone company's part)! Now all you need to dial is 861-3420 to check if any of the Nodes are available.
We have sold our 28,800 Bps modem to Jonathan Han for 2,250 NT. This will allow us to purchase a new and more stable modem for Taiwan Online.
Stack'Em registration code arrived, thanks to Joe Cheng.
The Village Hut (Lord IGM) registration code arrived, thanks to Roger Tuan!
In The Building registered, thanks to Joe Cheng.
Taiwan Online has become the OFFICIAL DISTRIBUTION SITE for Stardock Loco.
Taiwan Online received Food Fight registration thanks to Joe Cheng.
Taiwan Online received an US Robotics Sportster 28,800 Data/Fax External Version to replace the ProLink 28,800 Data/Fax External Version for Node 1. This should make Node 1 much more stable, with higher upload and download CPS rates. Gosh, Taiwan Online just keeps on getting better!
Taiwan Online ordered Wildcat! 5 from Mustang Software, and we're going bankrupt. Taiwan Online would appreciate it if you could donate a little so we may continue to serve you better and better.
Taiwan Online recieved Wildcat! 5 from Mustang Software. Pretty fast service isn't it?
Taiwan Online is now down for summer vacation.
After a long summer vacation, and lots of technical problems, Taiwan Online is finally back ONLINE. Cheers!
Again, Taiwan Online is back down for summer vacation. It is doubtful that Taiwan Online will return in it's current form, if at all. The main cause for this is because I'm moving to the United States.
Against all odds, Taiwan Online is back! But this time instead of a two node dial up BBS, we are now a TELNET only BBS with 8 nodes. The connection to the Internet, however, is a meager 56k. Just for the record, we can expand the BBS to 16 nodes at any time. It is, however, impossible for a 56k connection to support 16 simultaneous connections. That is why we have opened up only 8 nodes.
We have upgraded our server from a Pentium 133Mhz to a Pentium II 266Mhz.
Taiwan Online has registered it's domain name, 'taiwanonline.org'. The reason we chose this over 'taiwanonline.com' is because the current owner of 'taiwanonline.com' asked for US $50,000 for that domain. Clearly an unaffordable price for a hobby BBS.
All that remains of Taiwan Online BBS is this website. In the BBS's 3 years of existance it has done more then I have ever imagined possible when I first installed the Test-Drive. I would like to take the time to thank everyone who has made Taiwan Online possible.

I can be contacted at http://benjamintsai.com/.